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Our dishes are prepared by famous cooks and of strong Cantonese characteristics. We offer genuine Cantonese dishes...more

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The guest rooms,furnished with redwood furniture of primitive simplicity and hanging  decorations of national features... more

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Tel:+86-20-8333 3998, Reserving the guest room at  Baiyun Hotel, please select the convenient Online reservation system.

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Baiyun Hotel,Guangzhou
Lido Hotel,Guangzhou,China

Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel is one of the most famous five-star business hotels in the center of Guangzhou City. In 1972, in order to expand foreign trade, needs of restarting the Canton Fair. The central government official decided to build Baiyun Hotel in Guangzhou city site, now is business center. In early 1976, the Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou, with an investment of 20 million, was basically completed. The building is 120 meters high, with 34 floors (including the basement level one), and has guest rooms 718.

Baiyun Hotel is located in Guangzhou Huanshi road Business Center, adjacent to the World Trade Center, the most famous shopping center, opposite the Garden Hotel Guangzhou.

In 2006, Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel was named the first "100 Most Favorite Business Hotels in China" by business people.

In 2010, Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel won the China Hotel Golden Star Award, the highest honor in China's hotel industry.

In 2015, Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel won the China Hotel Golden Star Award for the third time.

In 2016 Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel won the China tourism hotel industry outstanding enterprises

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